SHOEI J-Cruise


Black / Matt Black / Wine-Red / White / Anthracite Metallic / Yellow / Shine-Red

“CJ-2 Shield” was newly developed as a result of pursuit of curvature with minimum distortion and reflection. A shield surface which is extended downward compared with CJ-1 realizes very natural and clearer vision by enhancement of optical performance with different curvatures and thicknesses partially in outer and inner sides. An unique design of a bottom end of a shield which is a key of J-Cruise's shape is designed to restrain rolling-in of a riding wind from the bottom.
QSV-1 Glaring sunlight in the morning and the evening and reflecting light from road surface or car disturb vision, hurt rider's eyes and cause fatigue. J-Cruise is equipped with smoke colored open/close type “QSV-1 Sun Visor” with minimum, distortion. It protects vision from strong sunlight and can be opened or closed easily by handling of lever against a change of weather or sudden change of lightness in a tunnel. It is an innovative open-face helmet in which a vision can be adjusted easily corresponding to conditions without having 2 shields of clear and smoke in touring.

Superb ventilation
Fully removeable interiors
Quick dry
5 years warranty

Optional pinlock

Included in box:
1pc SHOEI J-Cruise Helmet with clear CJ2 Visor and QSV-1 Inner Visor,
1pc User Manual
1bottle silicone lubrication
1pc Helmet Bag
2pc SHOEI stickers

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